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A short Bio of who I am for those interested:

Clay Perreault, is the Founder, and ex CTO of Digifonica (International) Limited, a successful global VoIP carrier recently filed on the New York stock exchange, the Founder and current Chairman of SinoCan Telecommunications Technology Co Ltd, a new entrant in the telecom services space throughout China based in Shenzhen, Guangshou and is the President of one of the 6 Class “A” Licensed International telecom carriers in Mexico. He has also Founded of many other technology companies including Galaxy Telecom, NetGenetix.com, and Internet Yukon, and Millennium Telecom over the past 10 years.

He combines his 5 years of University computer software and electronics engineering, 15 years of business experience in creating successful high technology companies. As an award winner of the Canadian Federal Business Development bank “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 1996, he has been nationally recognized for his leading role in developing commercial business opportunities using leading edge services in the computing and telecommunications markets. Clay was a key player in bringing Internet service to the Canadian high arctic and Yukon Territory for the first time in the early 1990s creating and running the largest Internet network of over 11 cities in the North for a period of 5 years as an ISP before branching out into other aspects of telecommunications services. In addition to his work in high technology is the past Vice President of the Yukon Chamber of Commerce and a ex board member and 1st place race car driver in KARA Speedway, a 3/8th mile stock car racing in 1998 and 2000.

For the past decade, Clay Perreault has been actively involved with designing and implementing high tech solutions to assist in making High Speed Internet Access and converged telecommunications platforms providing a cost effective and manageable solution for remote telecommunications around the globe. As part of these efforts, he has participated as a guest speaker in the Canadian Federal Government Rural Telecommunications Committees in an effort to lend a technology and business perspective to the realities of providing Internet and Telephone services into small remote Canadian communities in 1999 & 2000. He has also taken part in many Canadian Government trade and technology missions through Canadian Industrial Research Programs (IRAP), Canadian National Research Council (NRC) and Canadian Government Foreign Affairs over the past 8 years to countries such as Singapore and China . He was also invited to participate with the Prime Minister of Canada with “Trade Team Canada” in 2001 a Canadian Government initiative to promote Canadian Telecommunications Technology exports into the Asia Region.

Clay Perreault, his companies and engineering teams are recognized as leaders in deploying converged telecommunications technologies to create distributed call centers, wireless and satellite based voice telecom systems and high speed wireless Internet services in places as remote as the Canadian arctic for mining/exploration companies, and small villages of indigenous peoples. His team currently have 5 Patent applications in process with regards to global VoIP telecom solutions and have been intently focused on the development of commercial products and services to the global telecommunications market. Products recently released promise to provide the lowest cost and highest scalability solutions in Voice over IP digital telephone services in excess of 500,000 subscribers per service node with a cost per subscriber of less than 1 dollar. Effort is also underway to combines these technologies with WiFi/WiMax transmission “pods” to create dynamic ad-hoc self healing load distributing wireless voice and data networks that can be deployed rapidly and scale to hundreds of thousands of subscribers at a fraction of the cost of fixed local loop or cellular services.

Available for consulting and public speaking to groups interested in the new telecommunications technology revolution, Clay and his team are happy to assist any organization that wishes to increase their understanding or establish themselves as competitors in the next wave of global telecommunications provisioning.

December 31, 2005



1. Jeremy - August 14, 2006

Miss ya buddy.

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