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Product Pick of the Month: AirLok January 3, 2006

Posted by technobabylon in Product Picks.

Pick of the Month: For those interested in a great product that is one of the most innovative in its field: Check out http://www.loktechnology.com

Every once in a while I come across a product made by a small group of individuals that had a dream and built a uniquely innovative groundbreaking product that leaves others in the dust. This is one of them.

Companies building new wifi and wimax networks have one single problem after deploying radios: How do we authenticate and account for user access on our network, provide per client Quality of Service (QoS), and restrict bandwidth on a per user basis.

I’ve picked many companies before that should be snapped up by the likes of Cisco systems and others. This time I’ll put my money on Cisco: They need something like this badly. Last three products I picked were also winners: Sipura (recently bought by Cisco), Selsius Systems (also bought by Cisco), NBX (bought by 3Com).

This really neat product allows a wireless internet provider (WISP) to litterally control user access and account for their every move on a per user basis. It allows roaming between access points, provides firewall and walled garden services, and even does a per user MAC address based VPN. Just did a demo with their chief engineer. Bright guy. Small company. Great product.

Investors out there watch this one.



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