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powerful handheld computers January 2, 2006

Posted by technobabylon in Uncategorized.

Hey, anybody notice that we now have more computing power in our cell phones that most of us had on our desks 10 year ago. Anybody also notice that these powerful adaptable and useful devices have the crappiest software on the planet?

Its a bit like 1985 all over again, we’ve got windows, (windows ce) and a couple others like apple (symbian) and amiga (palm), a whole bunch of embedded software and proprietary variants – all of which are in infant stages just like it used to be in home pc’s. The other similarity is the complete dearth of proper software with human interfaces like we’re used to from the likes of Apple, Next, BeOs and other leading edge PC software companies.

We need an Apple Computer type entrant to create some easy to use, sophisticated software on our cell phones that take them into new territory. While we’re at it, lets also make the software modular, fast, open and adaptable that can make our cell phones more than just phones, – tap the power that we all carry in our pockets. Its time to begin writing some decent, useable and functioning software that will be innovative enough to make us all wonder – wow, how did I ever get by with out this!

more on this later.



1. Steve - August 2, 2006

Yip I’ve been thinking about it lately when I travel round town using word and excel with “Documents to go” (ok sorry using stuff from the dark side I know) on my Treo 600 and still being amazed at what can be done on my phone. For a long time I’ve resisted using a full word processor on the Treo thinking a bloatware like MS Word would be way too painful and slow. Wow is all I can say, it’s great and fast, then I realised the Palm is using a 144 MHz ARM Processor, my first 4 computers had less power than this and I happily used GUI Word processors on then. My only request for phone software is that it works on all of, or the core, phone operating systems. The last thing I want to do is invest lots of time learning how to use my favourite app then when I have to upgrade or change phones waste time trying to find another app that does the same thing on the new platfrom. Also must sync with my favourite desktop platform whatever that is at the time (Mac OSX at the moment).

Nice blog by the way.

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